Injured? Not Sure What’s Next?

You have been injured in an accident. It was not your fault. It may have been the sleepy driver of a tractor-trailer. It may have been a driver who thought it was more important to send a text message than to keep his/her eyes on the road. It may have been a driver who was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, and had no business being behind the wheel in the first place. It could be a shopping center that allowed a dangerous condition to remain on its property, even though it had actual knowledge that the condition had caused other people to hurt themselves.

Finally, it could be because a hotel or apartment failed to take adequate measures to protect visitors and tenants. Regardless, the injury is real, and so are the medical bills and lost wages. Your life has been changed, and you simply cannot believe what the insurance company is saying. The adjuster tells you that you are partially or completely at fault. The adjuster tells you that your prior injuries mean that the case has no value. The adjuster wants a recorded statement. The adjuster wants your medical history for the past ten years. You know you have been wronged, but you do not know where to turn.